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Lexus Key Fob Cover Leather

Lexus Key Fob Cover Leather

Each cover is engineered to accommodate Lexus's keyless go systems, ensuring that functionality is never compromised. Beyond mere protection, these leather covers enhance the aesthetic value of your key fob, aligning perfectly with the luxurious ethos of your Lexus vehicle. Join us as we dive into the specifics of compatibility, material quality, and key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the ideal leather cover for your leather key fob.

Lexus Key Fob Cover Leather

Detailed Compatibility and Features

Leather key case compatible with Lexus models:


  - ES Series (ES300h, ES350, including F SPORT versions) from 2013 to 2018

  - GS Series (GS200t, GS300, GS350, GS450H, GS F) from 2013 to 2020

  - LS Series (LS350, LS500, LS500h, including F SPORT versions) from 2013 to 2017

Coupes and Sports Cars

  - RC Series (RC200t, RC300, RC350, including F SPORT and RC-F) from 2014 and newer

  - LC Series (LC500, LC500h) from 2013 to 2017

SUVs and Crossovers

  - NX Series (NX200, NX200t, NX300, NX300h, including F SPORT versions) from 2015 to 2020

  - RX Series (RX300, RX350, RX450h, including F SPORT and extended versions) from 2013 and newer

  - GX Series (GX460) and LX Series (LX570) from 2014 and newer

Compact SUVs:

  - UX Series (UX200, UX250h) from 2013 to 2017

Material and Build Quality


Premium cowhide leather, known for its durability and luxurious texture.

Signal Interference: 

The design ensures that there is no induced signal interference, maintaining full functionality of the keyless entry and start system.

Protection and Design of lexus key cover

  • Protection: 

These leather covers effectively protect the key fob from falls, scratches, and general wear and tear, prolonging the life of the key.

  • Aesthetic and Function: 

The covers are not only practical but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your key fob, aligning well with the luxury status of Lexus vehicles.

Buying Considerations

1. Check Compatibility:

Although the cover fits a wide range of models, always double-check compatibility with your specific vehicle model and year.

2. Quality Assurance Of Lexus Key Case 

Opt for covers from reputable manufacturers to ensure the leather and craftsmanship are of high quality.

3. Functionality Of Lexus Key Fob Cover Leather 

Ensure that the cover does not hinder any functionality of the key, including the panic button, trunk release, and lock/unlock buttons.

4. Personal Preference: 

Choose a style and color that matches your personal taste and the aesthetics of your Lexus.

These Lexus key fob covers are an excellent investment for any Lexus owner looking to protect their key while maintaining functionality and adding a touch of style. Given their broad compatibility and high-quality material, they provide both practicality and luxury, aligning well with the Lexus brand ethos.

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